Mass Media

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Mass media dumbs people down, then argues that no one cares for anything more serious than it provides.

Adam ‘MCA’ Yauch (1964 – 2012)

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Fuck cancer.

Rashidi Yekini (1963 – 2012)

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The image above is one of the most enduring in world football. Rashidi Yekini’s outpouring of emotion after scorning his county’s first ever goal in a world cup during the ’94 tournament in America.
I remember his closed eyes and pumping clenched fists through the nets as his mind succumbed to the moment. They are nick-named the ‘Super Eagles’, but for those 3 weeks in America Yekini was their lion. Sad day for football.

AlunaGeorge “You Know You Like It”

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Been a while since I’ve posted any new music, or anything for that matter, but that is something I will try to address starting today.

Came across this track by London based duo AlunaGeorge about six months ago.
It’s drop dead sexy electro dub production wouldn’t sound out of place in either a club or a lingerie ad, while it’s throwback 90’s R&B substratum threatens to bring back all that was good about the slim pickings of that era. The clip also garnishes the attitude.
This is Flying Lotus feat. Corinne Bailey-Rae music. Get on it.

The EP finally out today via Tri Angle

Jack and Lily

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Jack and Lily, 2012 Tropfest finalist.
Jack would rather play an imaginary game of war on his own than hangout with his neighbor Lily… until a surprise attack changes everything.

Director: Damian McLindon
Editor: Ben Joss
Sound: Pete Crooks

Whitney Houston (1963 – 2012)

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It is often forgotten that the voice is a musical instrument in it’s own right. No better is this demonstrated than here in Houston’s vocal track on ‘How Will I Know‘.
It is powerful, pitch perfect and breathtakingly controlled. I never quite thought of her as a ‘musician’, but that is exactly what she was, a virtuoso in fact. She may have been pop, but that is not to say she wasn’t exceptional.


Inch-time: “The Floating World”

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Neat album promo to launch Mystery Plays Records’ debut release, Inch-time‘s “The Floating World”.
Out 25.07.2011

Animation by Frater
Sound Design by Pete Crooks